The promoters of the Czech-German Hydrogen Interconnector (CGHI) have submitted separate PCI applications for Project of Common Interest (PCI) status of the CGHI initiative through an open call for applications, launched by the Commission on 17 October 2022. These applications were labelled within the category “Hydrogen and electrolysers projects”.

CGHI is an initiative of three Central-European gas transmission system operators (GASCADE, NET4GAS and OGE). CGHI aims to create a hydrogen transportation route between potential hydrogen supply areas in the Nordic-Baltic region, via the Czech Republic to large hydrogen demand clusters in Southern Germany.

The project promoters firmly believe that the CGHI initiative meets the required PCI criteria. As the Czech-German Hydrogen Interconnector can be created mainly based on repurposing existing infrastructure for hydrogen transportation it can also be implemented in a relatively short timeframe at an affordable price.

The next step in the PCI process is the NRA consultation and the assessment of the PCI projects based on the identification of the regional system needs Projects that fulfil the requirements of the TEN-E Regulation will in the end be proposed for the list of PCI and PMI (Projects of Mutual Interest). By the end of 2023, the list shall be adopted by the European Commission (EC).

PCI/PMI process