In 2022, three leading Central European gas infrastructure companies joined forces to develop a hydrogen corridor from the North Sea to Southern Germany via the Czech Republic through a joint initiative called the Czech-German Hydrogen Interconnector (CGHI).

As of May 2023, the Czech-German Hydrogen Interconnector initiative is also being showcased at the Innovative Projects Platform of ENTSO-G and at GIE’s “Innovation Lab”.

ENTSO-G and GIE are promoting the most innovative activities of European operators of gas transmission system and underground gas storages that support the deployment of low-carbon and renewable hydrogen in-line with decarbonisation goals of the European Union.

The Czech-German Hydrogen Interconnector, made-up predominantly by repurposed pipelines, has the potential to enable cost-effective import of renewable hydrogen from North Germany and the Baltics to demand centres along the corridor, especially to southern Germany.

Gas Infrastructure Europe

Successful implementation of this venture requires the necessary conditions to be in place, the subject of upcoming discussions between the project promoters GASCADE, NET4GAS and OGE with policymakers.

For more information, please contact the partner companies.